Checking your IT Sligo Studentmail whilst avoiding webmail!

Recent changes to IT Sligo's mail setup has made this guide obsolete.



I wanted a solution where I could check my email on my iPhone. I'm tired of getting mail about cancelled lectures AFTER the lecture slot has passed. To that end I looked about for the settings to allow me to check my studentmail on the move!

Now my mail checks itself every 30 mins! You have two ways you can do it: G-Mail or use a Mail Client of your own!

PS: Please can we have Exchange 2007 support. Do want Push mail.


  * Login to Gmail
  * Click on the Settings button in the top right of the GMail window
  * Click on the "Account and Import" section
  * Click the "Add POP3 mail account" button
  * Enter your college email address and click "Next Step"
  * Enter your college password and select the POP Server
  * Tick any preference boxes as you so wish.
  * Done!
Your college mail will now be downloaded to your GMail inbox. One less email account to check!

Mail Client


Apple Mail:


  * From the Mail menu, open the Preferences window
  * Select the "Accounts" pane
  * Click the + button in the bottom left of the Accounts pane
  * Enter your name, college email address and college password
  * Select the account type. You can choose POP or IMAP. I personally prefer IMAP.
  * Select your outgoing mail server to the SMTP server of your choice. This is usually that of your ISP. In my case,
  * Confirm your settings
That should be it! Depending on your local network configuration, your mail client should now start downloading your college mail.
This may not work inside the college WiFi network due to security restrictions in place.