My MiFi!


After repeated charging cycles I noticed the battery began to swell. Apparently this is an issue that affects both the 2352 and the 2372.

See here more for info ::


This week I took delivery of a Novatel 2352 MiFi device. MiFi is a concept whereby a mobile broadband connection is shared to a limited number of clients via 802.11 wireless technology. 

The device itself is pretty simple! It's a small bit larger than a credit card and about as thick as an iPhone. It can be connected to a computer via USB or over a WiFi (802.11b/g) connection. It can be powered by a supplied power adapter (micro-USB) over by a battery (purported to last up to 4 hours).

So far, my expectations of this device have been exceeded! Despite some initial trouble whereby my Miredo tunnel was causing the device to crash! Oh noes!


The MiFi has certain limitations. It can only supply 802.11 networking to 5 clients. Which in my case is perfect! Laptop, iPhone, PS3, soon-to-be iPad and my housemates laptop! In order to use this device you are required to be subscribed to a mobile broadband package. In my case, I chose the Vodafone Ireland network due it's coverage and the fact that the MiFi can only receive 7.2 Mbps downstream via HSPDA (ruling out the advantage of Meteor and their 14.4 Mbps network).



The MiFi is very easily configured and supports multiple carrier profiles in the event you wish to swap SIM cards at any point. You can also have multiple WiFi profiles: open, secure and temporary hotspot.

All of the device is configured via a web-based interface. The device can be configured to auto-connect on startup as well as power itself down after 20 minutes of inactivity. As an added bonus the MiFi has a microSD slot so can also be configured as a rudimentary NAS.



There is one small annoyance with this device! When using it in USB mode, i.e. connected via USB to a computer it automatically disables the WiFi feature.


All in all, I find this a very handy little gadget perfect for urban living as well as traveling, unless you're traveling through the Bog of Allen!